[PVFS-developers] PVFS 1.6.3-pre3 tagged, Don Porter anniversary special

Rob Ross rross at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Jul 29 10:05:54 EDT 2004

Hi all,

We've just tagged v1-6-3-pre3 in the CVS tree, and a tarball will follow 
some time soon.

This one has Murali's latest fixes for gcc3.4.x problems (discussed on 
mailing list), Garrick's noninteractive mkmgrconf patch, and a set of 
fixes for an error handling problem that Don found by starting and killing 
u2ps over and over.

This release also coincides with the Xth year anniversary of Don Porter's,
umm, "release", where X is considerably less than my age.  Happy birthday 
Don :).

Perhaps this will be the last prerelease before 1.6.3?  We'll see...


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