[PVFS-users] Questions on changing striping parameters with pvfs_stat

Shannon Whitmore swhitmor@cs.uiuc.edu
Thu, 10 Aug 2000 14:22:07 -0500


I've just started using PVFS.  I have an I/O bench program where I would
like to set the striping parameters (via the pvfs_stat structure) to different
values than the default.  According to the documentation, I need to use
pvfs_open to specify these striping parameters.

My questions are:

  1) I have downloaded the source.  I notice that both the utility programs
     and example programs link to a library called libminipvfs.a.  If I
     want to do static linking, is this the library I need to use?  (libpvfs.a 
     does not contain the pvfs calls, and libminipvfs.a was not installed in 
     /usr/lib when I performed the install, which is why I am asking.)

  2) Once I use ppfs_open, do I need to use the ppfs_* library calls for
     the other I/O functions (for example, read/write), and can I just
     use the Unix I/O functions?

Any information on these questions would be greatly appreciated.

Shannon Whitmore
Research Programmer
Pablo Research Group
University of Illinois