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@@ -46,6 +46,17 @@ very large numbers of clients and server
 allowing for easy inclusion of new hardware support and new algorithms.  This
 makes PVFS2 a perfect research testbed as well.
+\subsection{What does the ``V'' in PVFS stand for?}
+The ``V'' in PVFS stands for virtual.  This is a holdover from the original
+(PVFS1) project that built a parallel file system on top of local file
+systems, which we still do now.  It isn't meant to imply virtualization of
+storage, although that is sort of what the file system does.
+\subsection{Is PVFS an attempt to parallelize the UNIX VFS?}
+No; we're not even sure what that means.
 \subsection{What architectures does PVFS2 support?}

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