[PVFS2-developers] current cvs weirdness

Phil Carns pcarns at wastedcycles.org
Mon Mar 14 23:45:53 EST 2005

Well, I don't know what the underlying problem is, but fixing a 
superficial bug lets me avoid it :)

In pvfs2-cp it checks "if (strip_size) {" at some point.  It should 
really check if strip_size > 0, because the parse_args function sets it 
to -1.

Fixing this prevents the distribution setting code from being triggered 
in the general case, which solves my problem.

However, with this fix in place in my tree I still see the error if I 
try to use the -s option to pvfs2-cp.  I don't know if this is showing a 
bug in pvfs2-cp or in the distribution code, though.


Phil Carns wrote:
> Is anyone besides me seeing anything strange with the current cvs 
> snapshot?  This fails for me on a single server/client setup:
> ./pvfs2-cp /etc/hosts /mnt/pvfs2/foo
> The error msg printing is broken in the case that I am hitting, so the 
> output isn't very helpful.  However, looking in gdb I see that bmi has 
> been asked to send 16 buffers in a list operation generated by a flow, 
> and the writev call gets a EINVAL.  I'm pretty sure that copying this 
> small file should only require one buffer.
> Oddly enough, everything looks fine when I run pvfs2-cp through 
> valgrind, and I get no error.  So.. maybe this is some subtle timing or 
> memory thing that doesn't show up all the time.  It hits me every time 
> right now though :)
> I don't know where this problem came from yet.  Just randomly backing up 
> a bit it looks like cvs from 6 weeks ago is fine, but maybe cvs from 3 
> weeks ago is not?
> I'll continue digging (or maybe just narrow down the working cvs 
> versions until I find the suspect commit), but I just thought I would 
> hit the list in case anyone has ideas...
> -Phil
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