[PVFS2-developers] redo sm -> c preprocessing

Bradley W. Settlemyer bradles at parl.clemson.edu
Wed Mar 23 18:13:29 EST 2005

I had problems with the .sm -> .c stuff related to having compiled with
-O2 on, gcc and gdb could no longer figure out the mapping.  Once I
turned off -O2 during compilation, I had no problem stepping thru
the .sm file rather than the .c.  The generated .c already has a
directive telling it to look in the .sm for traces and gdb -- I seem to
recall ddd not being very intelligent about the issue, but I just added
source directories and it seemed to work fine after that.

Just my experience in early to mid february (and it was msgpair that was
giving me a headache as well).


On Wed, 2005-03-23 at 17:58 -0500, Pete Wyckoff wrote:
> I've been debugging stuff deep inside msgpairarray.  It is implemented
> as one of these state machine files that is converted from .sm to .c
> before that is compiled for real.
> Gdb is driving me nuts.  I spent some time trying to figure out how to
> convince it that it should look in the .sm file when showing me source
> lines, but I have failed.
> Instead, I want to redo the .sm -> .c process like the following.
> We get rid of .sm files, renaming them to .c in the real source.  Then
> we change them to add good old CPP directives:
>     %%
>     nested machine pvfs2_msgpairarray_sm(
> 	init,
> 	post,
> 	post_retry,
> 	complete,
> 	completion_fn)
>     {
> 	state init
> 	{
> 	    run msgpairarray_init;
> 	    default => post;
> 	}
>     [..]
>     }   
>     %%
>     #else
>     #include "msgpairarray.sm.c"
>     #endif
> Then we have the state machine compiler read in the C file and spit
> out a new .sm.c file into the build directory that contains just its
> little rewrite of the state machine declaration into a bunch of C union
> definitions.
> I can leave in the %% separators to leave the if/else/endif a bit more
> flexible, or just teach the SM compiler to look for the new ifdefs and
> constrain the C code a bit to match its expectations.
> Any suggestions, complaints?  I'm ready to do it.
> 		-- Pete
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