[PVFS2-developers] data files <-> io servers

Tobias Eberle tobias.eberle at gmx.de
Thu Mar 24 11:03:50 EST 2005


> I would like to know how pvfs2 assigns data files to the existing io
> servers and where in the source code it is done.
> For example I have a distribution that assigns the first MB to one data
> file, the second to another and the third again to the first, etc. I
> have 5 IO servers. On which of the io servers the data files are placed?

This is done with PINT_cached_config_get_next_io() which is located
inside of src/common/misc/pint-cached-config.c
Starting with a random server it uses the order specified in the
configuration file.

With kind regards,

Tobias Eberle

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