[PVFS2-developers] help needed on PVFS2 file data I/O trace collection

Peng Gu penggu at cse.unl.edu
Wed Jan 18 01:03:00 EST 2006

Hi Sam,

I do appreciate your help but I feel like a little bit more
information ( am I too greedy here?) :)

On 1/17/06, Sam Lang <slang at mcs.anl.gov> wrote:
> pvfs2-set-eventmask -m <mountpoint>  -a 0x4 -o 0xFFFF
I started the server by
$/usr/local/sbin/pvfs2-server /etc/pvfs2-fs.conf
Then I tried the suggested command on both client side and server
side. After that  I did some file copying like "cp /mnt/pvfs2/file1
/mnt/pvfs2/file2" on the client side after I mounted the pvfs2 file
system, trying to get some trace output.
But I failed to get any output on either on the screen (stderr), or
the log file /tmp/pvfs2-server.log ( as specified in the file
/etc/pvfs2-fs.conf ). Where am I wrong?


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