[Pvfs2-developers] Could we set pvfs2 as the storage directory of a reverse proxy like deployed with nginx.

Beat Rubischon beat at 0x1b.ch
Wed Dec 21 09:20:36 EST 2011

Hi Masi!

On 21.12.11 13:25, masi wrote:
> I am a newer to pvfs2 and recently I have a task to test the performance
> of pvfs2 under the environment of a reverse proxy.

First of all ask you _why_ you like to run a parallel filesystem behind
a caching proxy server.

Parallel filesystems are made for large files, shared by multiple
clients, served by multiple servers.

Reverse proxys are creating a massive amount of small files, which could
always be refreshed by the original content of the webserver behind of them.

My 2 cents: Don't think of a shared storage for your reverse proxy. Use
local RAID, preferably RAID0 or RAID10. Add as many boxes as you need to
handle your workload. Don't care about the duplication of data in each
of the proxies. Disks are cheap and the duplication increases the total
speed of your solution.


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