[PVFS2-users] Pvfs2-server dies

Kenneth Leung kleung at diversa.com
Fri Sep 3 11:07:02 EDT 2004

I ran the server in the foreground and it looks like a pvfs2-cp command
generates a segmentation fault. Here is what was displayed by the

About to retrieve attributes for handle 613566760
(0x80de238) io (prelude sm) state: perm_check
(0x80de238) io state: send_ack
(0x80de238) io state: start_flow
(0x80de238) io state: send_completion_ack
(0x80de238) io state: release
(0x80de238) io state: cleanup
Segmentation fault

We have 5 I/O servers and the same thing seems to happen on all. Is are
there any other troubleshooting steps that can be done?


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