[PVFS2-users] Fedora Core 2 (AMD64) w/ v0.6.4 kernel modules

Michael Hanulec hanulec at hanulec.com
Fri Sep 10 19:42:55 EDT 2004

Hi Niell.. thanks for the reply..

> On Thu, Sep 09, 2004 at 08:31:04PM -0400, Michael Hanulec wrote:
>> Has anyone successfully gotten Fedora Core 2 for AMD64 to work w/ PVFS2??
> No, not that I know of.


>> [root at node08 root]# pvfs2-client -f -V
>> pvfs2-client starting
>> Spawning new child process
>> Waiting on child with pid 2957
>> About to exec pvfs2-client-core
> Just to be sure, use the -p option to explcitly point to the proper
> pvfs2-client-core like this:
> pvfs2-client -f -V -p /usr/local/sbin/pvfs2-client-core (or wherever)

I've run a variety of these commands.  I just re-executed the above w/ my 
modified paths and the errors still occurred.

> Also, make sure you have the pvfs2 module loaded *before* starting the
> pvfs2-client.

That is how I was doing it.

> If you're sure that all of the above is correct, I'll need some more
> information.  Uncomment the following line in
> src/kernel/linux-2.X/Makefile:
> (by removing the '#' at the beginning)
> Recompile the module (either run make in that dir, or make kmod &&
> make kmod_install from the top-level).  Reload the module, restart the
> client, and retry the mount.  If you can get all of that logged (it'll
> dump info into dmesg and /var/log/messages), send it to me and we'll
> see what's going on.

Will do.. I'll have this information in a few hours.

Thanks again!

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