[PVFS2-users] PVFS2 release: pvfs2-0.6.5

Neill Miller neillm at thecodefactory.org
Fri Sep 17 19:06:00 EDT 2004

Announcing version 0.6.5 of PVFS2

Earlier today, the PVFS2 source tree was tagged as pvfs2-0-6-5.

This release contains many enhancements as well as the usual round of
bug fixes.  Feel free to give it a try and report your experience!

This release can be downloaded at:


The md5sum for this release is 3d011ecc5a94993c906fe4b31829bef7.

Changes from the previous release include the following:

- broke several server state machines into multiple nested machines
- some PAV cleanups, including support for a larger number of meta
  servers than io servers
- update k_size (number of keyvals) in dspace attr cache when the
  number of keyvals on disk changes
- replaced all vfs 64 bit operation tags to be unsigned
- replaced pint-dev code to work with 64 bit unsigned tags
- moved all op initialization out of the constructor and into the
  op_alloc routine
- fixed tag cancellation upcall/method to use a 64 bit tag, rather
  than an unsigned long
- added a PVFS_util method to get the current system and return it as
  a valid PVFS_time type
- added arguments to the crdirent/chdirent/rmdirent operations that
  now can take optional parent atime/mtime/ctime fields
- added support on server *dirent operations that update the parent
  time attributes (if specified) on successful completion of the
  *dirent operation; null/zero time fields are not modified
- modified sys-create/sys-mkdir/sys-symlink/sys-rename/sys-remove to
  work with the new operations properly; in general,
  create/remove/rename operations updates the mtime and ctime of the
  parent directory, which is now properly supported
- moved some common server side attribute handling code into a macro
  to make it re-useable across several server state machines
- updated en{de}coding of modified operations
- remove sync calls on readonly trove operations
- added sanity check to kernel's device poll; makes sure the device is
  opened by only one user before returning valid results
- make the device's request list waitqueue non-exclusive, since poll
  waits as well
- some formatting changes on kernel error reporting
- added mmap-ra-cache support for partial cache fills on incomplete
  requests; misc mmap-ra-cache enhancements
- cast setparam values to uint64_t rather than int64_t in admin utils
- remove trove sync call on server side root handle check
- modify server side remove state machine to check the k_size of the
  dirdata object being removed if it's a directory to report early
  back to the client that the directory is not empty (if it's not)
- remove the readdir checks in the client remove path now that the
  server-side remove can tell us directly if a directory is not empty
- modified PVFS specific error routines to print the value of
  unrecognized error codes if encountered
- fixed memory leak on check_fs_id setparam
- fixed 64bit compile warnings (AMD64/Opteron)
- split msgpair debugging into it's own class (no longer part of
- break out clientcore debugging into its own debugging mask
- fixed trove error codes
- give trove flush and resize operations the ability to create the
  bstream they're working with if it doesn't exist instead of
  returning an error
- fixed bug in (threaded) trove that did not properly reinitialize
  condition variables after the first finalize
- improvements to the storage space and collection removal code
- extensive trove cleanups and cruft removal
- check for error codes when doing server side getattr and reading
  metafile information; stop processing if an error is reached
- invalidate attr cache on write_at calls (never used)
- changed pvfs2-showcoll coll_id prints from hex to decimal
- kernel changes:
  - enable kernel readahead hints on mmap/execution (i.e. sequential)
  - initialize kernel module's request_list_waitq at declaration time
  - put large print statement into a macro for convenience
  - make all bufmap allocations GFP_KERNEL, regardless of highmem
  - use add_waitqueue_exclusive for the io_completion_waitq entries
  - clear random readahead hint on mmap


-PVFS2 Development Team

IRC: #pvfs2 on irc.freenode.net
WEB: http://www.pvfs.org/pvfs2/

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