[PVFS2-users] About PVFS2 client configuration

Robert Latham robl at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Apr 13 10:35:02 EDT 2005

On Wed, Apr 13, 2005 at 03:49:57PM +0800, Jason wrote:
> Hello,everyone,
> I installed PVFS2 on an 5 nodes cluster, one node acts as metadata
> server, other 4 nodes act as I/O servers. All the node's enviroment
> is the same.( Red hat 7.1, 2.4.2).  I installed pvfs2 on another
> node too( acts as client), which its' enviroment is red hat
> 9.0(2.4.20), I want to access the PVFS2 through this node. But after
> I configured the client, I run ./pvfs2-ping -m /mnt/pvfs2, there are
> sth wrong. The system prompt is in the attached file. Please refer
> to. 

For those of you who might still be waiting for OpenOffice to start
up, the noteworthy section of pvfs2-ping output looks like this:

(5) Verifying that all servers are responding...
   meta servers:
   tcp://jw3:3334 Ok
   data servers:
Error: bmi_tcp: Transport endpoint is not connected
Warning: non PVFS2 error code (6b):
*** msgpair did not complete successfully: Transport endpoint is not connected
   tcp://jw1:3334 Ok

> This file is linux office format.  

in the future, plain text would be the best way to send information

> Anyone can give some suggestions? How to slove it?

In general, when pvfs2-ping fails to work, you have to go back and
double-check the basics.  
- On all 5 machines, is pvfs2-server still running?  
- From the client, can you ping all 5 machines?
- Do you have any hardware or software firewalls that prevent access
  to the pvfs2 port (3334)?  Try telnetting to port 334

Please respond with the answers to these three questions and we'll go
from there.


Rob Latham
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