[PVFS2-users] setting up multihome with same protocol

Nathan Poznick kraken at wang-fu.org
Tue Oct 11 12:35:34 EDT 2005

Thus spake Robert Latham:
> Hi
> I know we've got support for multi-homed pvfs2 servers when there are
> two interfaces (infiniband and tcp, for example).  What about the case
> where both interfaces are TCP?

I'm going to make a wild-assed guess here based on a couple of minutes
of looking at the source.

> In fs.conf i have
> <Aliases>
>         Alias leela tcp://,tcp://
> </Aliases>
> and in server.conf-leela i have
> HostID "tcp://,tcp://"

Try making them run on different ports as well as different interfaces.

In src/io/bmi/bmi_tcp/sockio.c, in the BMI_sockio_bind_sock() function,
about line 52, we see the problem.

    saddr.sin_addr.s_addr = INADDR_ANY;

Basically, pvfs2-server is always going to bind to every IP address on
the system for a given port.  Thus, you can't say "port X on IP Y and
port X on IP Z", you have to say "port W on IP X and port Y on IP Z".

Is BMI_sockio_bind_sock() part of the BMI interface, or is it internal
to bmi_tcp?  If it's part of the BMI interface, then the BMI interface
would need to change to pass in more information (i.e. the address to
bind to, so it doesn't blindly bind to INADDR_ANY).  If it's internal to
bmi_tcp, then it shouldn't be very difficult to tweak bmi_tcp to pass
that information into BMI_sockio_bind_sock().

Nathan Poznick <kraken at wang-fu.org>

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