[PVFS2-users] setting up multihome with same protocol

Phil Carns pcarns at wastedcycles.org
Wed Oct 12 16:12:44 EDT 2005

If this works as is, then it will be by pure luck :)  BMI should be 
getting both TCP addresses passed to it (this much is already in place 
to support using multiple methods), but it isn't doing anything clever 
with them.


Rob Ross wrote:
> I'm not surprised that this doesn't work quite right at the moment.  Are 
> we at least capturing the two addresses and passing them to BMI so that 
> it *could* try both of them?
> Thanks,
> Rob
> Robert Latham wrote:
>> On Tue, Oct 11, 2005 at 11:17:05AM -0500, Robert Latham wrote:
>>> (5) Verifying that all servers are responding...
>>>   meta servers:
>> sorry, left off the rest of the information:
>> (5) Verifying that all servers are responding...
>>    meta servers:
>> [E 12:26:58.290061] *** msgpairarray_completion_fn: msgpair failed, no 
>> retry: Co
>> nnection timed out
>>    tcp://,tcp:// Failure!
>> noop_all_servers: Connection timed out
>> Failure: could not communicate with one of the servers.
>> i.e. the client is getting both addresses for the server.  strace(2)
>> further tells me the client is connecting to the first addresss.  That
>> first address is unreachable from this client.  What i thought would
>> happen is the client would get an error from trying to connect to the
>> first address, then try to connect to the second address. 
>> ==rob
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