[PVFS2-users] Timestamp metadata, heterogenous architecture

Number Cruncher number.cruncher at ntlworld.com
Wed Oct 19 18:01:26 EDT 2005

Rob Ross wrote:

> By disappears you mean that the timestamp appears normal, right?
> Sounds like there's something amiss in how we copy the stat results 
> into the user buffer.
> Thanks, we'll do some investigating.
> Rob

Yep. In summary:

1) Create any file in pvfs2 filesystem.
2) ls -l the file  =>  consistent but erroneous timestamp (Jan 1970)
3) 'touch' the file  =>  different but erroneous timestamp (another day 
in Jan 1970)
4) umount pvfs2,  mount pvfs2  =>  same 1970 timestamp
5) umount, kill pvfs2-client, start pvfs2-client, mount pvfs2  =>  
correct timestamp (i.e. last 'touch' time)

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