[PVFS2-users] PVFS2 Mount issues

Lois Alston lalston at colltech.com
Sun Oct 30 14:37:43 EST 2005

I have two mounts I am trying to mount:

/dev/sdb1          /pvfs2-fs-2                      272-GB

/dev/sdc1          /pvfs2-fs                        494-GB


I need to mount sdb1 on /work and sdc1 on /faculty.  I have set-up pvfs2
and when I run pvfs2-ping -m /work or /faculty it says every is
configured correctly.  My storage is /pvfs2-storage-space, I have 4-I/O
nodes of which one is the meta-server, I have 28-clients.  

When I try to mount the above it displays:


mount -t pvfs2 tcp://Sydney:3334/pvfs2-fs /work


df -h /work


38G      14G      24G      37         /work


I get the same information regardless of which filesystem I mount.  


What am I not doing, or doing wrong?


Lois E Alston


Collective Technologies

Tel:  678-407-0274

Cel: 678-644-2257


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