[PVFS2-users] PVFS2 Mount issues

Lois Alston lalston at colltech.com
Sun Oct 30 21:18:51 EST 2005

I changed things:

/dev/sdb1	/faculty-space		272-G
/dev/sdc1	/work-space			494-g

Storage-space:  /work-space/pvfs2-storage-space

Mount -t pvfs2 tcp://Sydney:3334/pvfs2-fs	/work

Df -h /work

38g	8.8g	29g	24

Collection names:  pvfs2-fs

4 - I/O nodes one is also the metadata server Sydney-- 28-clients

5) Verifying that all servers are responding...
	Meta server:
	Tcp://Sydney:3334 Ok

	Data servers:
	Tcp://Sydney:3334 Ok
	Tcp://compute-2-1:3334 Ok
	Tcp://compute-2-2:3334 Ok
	Tcp://compute-2-3:3334 Ok

	Fsid 1955938861 for /work
	Fsid 1955938862 for /faculty

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> /dev/sdb1          /pvfs2-fs-2                      272-GB
> /dev/sdc1          /pvfs2-fs                        494-GB

Could you try to describe your setup a little more? It would be great if
we could rule out simple configuration/setup errors before we dig
I take it that the above 2 (/pvfs2-fs and /pvfs2-fs-2) are mount points?
Or were you referring to the collection names?
Remember that there is a distinction between mount points and collection
names in PVFS2 (unlike PVFS1).
Each directory/mount point/storage-space can be configured to have a
bunch of collections and each collection has a unique name as well as an
id (collection identifier). Think of a collection as roughly equivalent
a single exported file-system and a collection id as the equivalent of
Therefore, when you mount a PVFS2 volume, the syntax would be like this

mount -t pvfs2 <bmi-protocol>://hostname:<port>/<collection-name>
                                               ^^(not mount point unlike

A common mistake that might arise is if one specifies the mount point
instead of the collection  name after the port in the mount command
So in your case, if the first 2 lines refer to mount points (and not
collection names) then mount may fail or may not use what you think it

> configured correctly.  My storage is /pvfs2-storage-space,

Is /pvfs2-storage-space a directory on sdb1 or sdc1? or does it symlink
a directory on sdb1 or sdc1? What does df -h /pvfs2-storage-space show?
My guess is that if the first 2 lines
refer to the actual names of the mount points, then that describes why
don't see the entire capacity.
Make sure that when you are using the pvfs2-genconfig script or when you
are hand editing the fs.conf file, you refer to a storage space created
/dev/sdb1 or /dev/sdc1 (i.e as subdirectories on /pvfs2-fs or

Please do let us know if any of the above is unclear or if something
not work.

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