[Pvfs2-users] pvfs2-client 2.7.1 crashing error 244??

Phil Carns carns at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Oct 21 13:37:38 EDT 2008

Sure thing.  I'm booked up today but I'll contact you off list and see 
if we can figure out a time to look at it.


Jim Kusznir wrote:
> Hi Phil & others:
> the pvfs2 module was loaded and dmesg |grep pvfs reported the module
> version as the same as the other code.  There were some other messages
> in the log; unfortunately, they were lost when I had to back all my
> chnages out last night to restore the cluster to operation (which
> included rebuilding my experimental node).
> I looked at them, and they seemed inconsequential (very similar to the
> log).  They were posted to #pvfs2 IRC channel yesterday, between 11am
> and 12:30pm PDT (UTC-7).  I don't seem to have a log, though.
> I'll see if I can perform some tests today, but as I need to down pvfs
> for the entire cluster so I can upgrade the server, then the client to
> test, its kind of a big deal and needs to be scheduled.  I don't have
> a similar dev environment.
> Would there be some time we could meet on IRC and do some real-time
> debugging so as to minimize the times I need to take down the cluster?
> --Jim
> On Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 7:16 AM, Phil Carns <carns at mcs.anl.gov> wrote:
>> Hi Jim,
>> Are you certain that the pvfs2 kernel module is loaded and that it is the
>> same version as your pvfs2-client daemon?
>> Are there any errors in dmesg?  That may have a more descriptive error
>> message.  I think that the "Operation not permitted" in your log file is
>> probably misleading in this case.
>> -Phil
>> Jim Kusznir wrote:
>>> Hi all:
>>> I've been fighting this problem for a while now, but am not making any
>>> progress.  A clean build (using rpm .spec file) of pvfs-2.7.1  and
>>> servers of 2.7.1 is not quite working.  I've verified now that its
>>> working with pvfs2-ls and pvfs2-ping with no problems reported;
>>> however, when I try and mount, it all fails.  Further debugging
>>> revealed that pvfs2-client is dying immediately, and thus nothing
>>> proceeds.
>>> The pvfs2-client.log file simply reports:
>>> [E 20:18:05.085433] Warning: non PVFS2 error code (1):
>>> [E 20:18:05.085432] *** Failed to remount filesystems!
>>> [E 20:18:05.085499] critical device failure: Operation not permitted
>>> [E 20:18:05.085517] Exiting...
>>> [E 20:18:05.085783] pvfs2-client-core with pid 4864 exited with value 244
>>> Being quite perplexed at this, I've gone so far as to do an strace on
>>> pvfs2-client, but I'm still dumbfounded...
>>> I've attached the results of the strace.
>>> Thanks!
>>> --Jim
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