[Pvfs2-users] multiple filesystems

Becky Ligon ligon at clemson.edu
Wed Oct 20 15:35:37 EDT 2010

I've never tried to do this before, but to start, I would try defining
separate storage spaces for each filesystem.   Curious, when you run the
server with the -f option, exactly which directories are created?  Can you
send me the output from an "ls"?

Another tip is to make each server both meta and IO.  You want to spread
out the metadata just like you do for the streamed data.  Having one
server handle the metadata will become a bottleneck in a high performance

Becky Ligon
PVFS Developer
Clemson University

> I'd like to set up two shares to be managed by the same PVFS server.
> I've read in the docs that I can have multiple filesystem entries in
> pvfs2-fs.conf, but I haven't been able to successfully do this. Does
> someone have an example config file with multiple filesystem entries
> that they can share?
> More details:
> I've successfully set up a single share based on the quick start guide.
> It's a four-node network: one metadata server, four i/o nodes. Nodes are
> identical, each 6x dual-core xeon, LAN connection, running ubuntu lucid.
> To generate the two-filesystem config file, I ran pvfs2-genconfig twice,
> then pasted the filesystem section from the second file into the first,
> making sure the Name and ID fields were unique. This was based on 3.9 in
> the PVFS2 FAQ, "Can I mount more than one PVFS file system on the same
> client?"
> Using the two-filesystem config file, pvfs2-server -f works, but then
> pvfs2-server (with or without -d) ends immediately with a segfault.
> Nothing is written to the console or logfiles. I tried a different
> version of pvfs2-fs.conf with non-overlapping MetaHandleRange and
> DataHandleRange values for the two filesystems, but as I'm not exactly
> clear on what these do I'm not sure if that's the right approach. I've
> attached the conf file for a single-server test of two filesystems, with
> separate Range value.
> Thanks,
> -crispy
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