[Pvfs2-users] multiple filesystems

Becky Ligon ligon at clemson.edu
Thu Oct 21 15:14:08 EDT 2010

You can define two mountpoints in your pvfs2tab file, say <path>/mount1
and <path>/mount2, each pointing to the same tcp address and filesystem. 
This way you can "share out" the different mount points.  However, the
data in <path>/mount1 and <path>/mount2 is being handled by the one set of
servers and resides in the same physical space, i.e., <storage
path>/<filesystem ID>.  I know this works, because I tried it when I was
investigating the multiple ports/alias for you.

While Kevin is working on a bug fix for you, try changing your fs.conf
file to have only one filesystem.  Re-create your storage space.  Setup
your pvfs2tab file with two entires, one for mount1 and one for mount2. 
See if you can't create files using either mount point.

With this approach, an ls on <path>/mount1 and an ls on <path>/mount2 will
show the same entries.  You might try creating two directories,
<path>/mount1/home and <path>/mount2/scratch, and "share out"
<path>/mount1/home as /home and <path>/mount2/scratch as /scratch;
however, I think PVFS doesn't perform well in this situation.  In fact,
PVFS is not intended for a lot of small-io.  You might want to make /home,
a regular ext3 (or whatever) directory and let /scratch be a PVFS
filesystem to be used only for large outputs.


Becky Ligon
PVFS Developer
Clemson University

> Hi Becky-
> I'd like to set up two shares for a small cluster I'm setting up: one
> for home directories and one scratch volume. Each share will have the
> same meta and io servers, and the same clients, which is why I'd like to
> set up two filesystems using the same server.
> In a separate set of replies to the first post, Kevin Harms has been
> working on the segfault. He's supplied a patch that, while it doesn't
> solve the problem yet, provides more informative output. I'm not in a
> tremendous hurry, so I'm content to let that play out if you'd rather
> wait for that.
> -crispy
> On 10/21/2010 02:30 PM, Becky Ligon wrote:
>> Chris:
>> It seems that you cannot use two different ports for the same protocol
>> for
>> one alias.  But, you can specify different protocols for one alias, such
>> as tcp and mx.
>> If you can tell me what you are trying to do and why, I might be able to
>> come up with a solution for you.
>> Becky

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