[Pvfs2-users] filesystem errors - pvfs2-fsck failing

Bill Wichser bill at Princeton.EDU
Mon Jan 3 08:04:02 EST 2011

Having some trouble with my filesystem.  There are a few files which did 
not get written correctly by one of the users and some corruption looks 
to be present.

# ls -lR
total 0
?--------- ? ? ? ?            ? clusmax.out

total 0
?--------- ? ? ? ?            ? traj.xtc

These cannot be removed.  In the past, a run of pvfs2-fsck seemed to 
correct these types of problems but this time all I get is the following 
message and the fsck terminates.  I'm not sure how to correct this.  
Googling leads me to the source code.  Anyone have any suggestions?

# pvfs2-fsck -p -v -m /scratch/pvfs2
# Current FSID is 1922795883.
Ugh! Server 1, Received 64796 total handles instead of 64800

Thanks, and Happy New Year to all!

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