[Pvfs2-users] memory leak in PVFS?

Michael Moore mtmoore at omnibond.com
Mon Mar 28 17:01:53 EST 2011

Hi Matthieu,

We have to quit meeting like this :)

There were a couple server-side memory leaks fixed (I can't recall if they
were specifically tied to write calls) since the 2.8.2 release. I would
recommend going to the latest OrangeFS release; there are several bugs
related to cancellation (which can occur with congestion associated with
load testing) that are fixed in that release.

If that isn't an option or you still see the behavior after upgrading, you
can run the pvfs2-server process inside valgrind. After the server process
stops responding (or it eats a significant amount of memory) kill the
process and it should provide some output related to lost memory. If you can
provide that it'll give us a starting point.

Sorry for your troubles,

On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 5:36 PM, Matthieu Dorier <
Matthieu.Dorier at eleves.bretagne.ens-cachan.fr> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm (again) encountering a bug with PVFS (2.8.2): I use it with TCP on 16
> nodes, an MPI application is running on 38 other nodes and periodically
> output some data using MPI-IO. The monitoring system of my PVFS nodes shows
> that the memory cached increases at each write, until reaching 8GB (out of
> 24GB available on the nodes). At this point the servers stop answering to
> write requests, the application blocs in IO and eventually timeout.
> I tried with IP over IB and with Ethernet, both show the same behavior. Any
> idea where it comes from?
> Thank you,
> Matthieu
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