[Pvfs2-users] How can i reference a pvfs2 file from a C program?

g_p g_p g_p_java at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 10 10:52:46 EST 2012

i have found a difficulty in running a script in C over pvfs2.
In the script in C, i'm trying to open a pvfs2 file using fopen and fwrite in order to open and write to the file.
e.g. fp = fopen("/mnt/pvfs2/myfile","w");fwrite 
In the first argument i shall place the string containing the name of the file to be opened.But the program is trying to access a file named myfile in the local directoryand not in pvfs2.
How can i solve that?How can i reference to the file in pvfs2 in fopen?
Thanks, in advance 		 	   		  
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