[Pvfs2-users] PVFS_isys_io call: Invalid argument

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Mon Feb 20 13:21:23 EST 2012

Hello and thanks for replying,

i already did that

char *buffer = (char *) malloc( count * (sizeof(char) + 1)

but it didn't work too

Have you compiled it at all?
Does it work for you?

I'm sure i've made a mistake in the code, but i can't find it
and i have to find it as soon as possible cause i need it 

May you please help me?


Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2012 09:58:41 -0500
Subject: Re: [Pvfs2-users] PVFS_isys_io call: Invalid argument
From: ligon at omnibond.com
To: g_p_java at hotmail.com
CC: pvfs2-users at beowulf-underground.org

See below for correction.

2012/2/19 g_p g_p <g_p_java at hotmail.com>

i'm trying to create a file and read from it.The creation is working fine. When i'm trying to read the file, i get an error when i call the "pvfs_sys_read"

invalid (NULL) required argumentPVFS_isys_io call: Invalid argumentPVFS_sys_read : Invalid argument (error class: 0)

The problem is in the following line:
" ret = PVFS_sys_read(resp_create.ref, file_req, 0,buffer, mem_req, &credentials, &resp_io, hints);"I can't understand which one of the arguments is causing the problem,can you understand?How can i solve it?

The program is as follows:
#include <stdio.h>#include <stdlib.h>#include <unistd.h>#include <limits.h>#include <string.h>
#include <sys/time.h>#include <sys/types.h>#include <sys/stat.h>#include <fcntl.h>#include <time.h>#include <libgen.h>
#include <getopt.h>#include "pvfs2.h"

#include "str-utils.h"#include "pint-sysint-utils.h"#include "pvfs2-internal.h"

#include "pvfs2-hint.h"

int main(void) {
    int ret = -1;

    PVFS_sys_layout layout;

    layout.algorithm = PVFS_SYS_LAYOUT_ROUND_ROBIN;    layout.server_list.count = 0;    layout.server_list.servers = NULL;
    /* Initialize the pvfs2 server */
    ret = PVFS_util_init_defaults();    if(ret < 0)    {       PVFS_perror("PVFS_util_init_defaults", ret);        return -1;    }

        int rc;        int num_segs;        char *working_file = "test2.txt";
        char directory[PVFS_NAME_MAX] = "/mnt/pvfs2/testDir/";
        char filename[PVFS_SEGMENT_MAX];
        layout.algorithm = PVFS_SYS_LAYOUT_ROUND_ROBIN;        layout.server_list.count = 0;        if(layout.server_list.servers)
        {            free(layout.server_list.servers);        }       layout.server_list.servers = NULL;
        char pvfs_path[PVFS_NAME_MAX] = {0};
        PVFS_fs_id cur_fs;        PVFS_sysresp_lookup resp_lookup;        PVFS_sysresp_create resp_create;        PVFS_credentials credentials;        PVFS_object_ref parent_ref;
        PVFS_sys_attr attr;
        /* Translate path into pvfs2 relative path */        rc = PINT_get_base_dir(working_file, directory, PVFS_NAME_MAX);        num_segs = PINT_string_count_segments(working_file);
        rc = PINT_get_path_element(working_file, num_segs - 1,filename, PVFS_SEGMENT_MAX);
        if (rc)        {            fprintf(stderr, "Unknown path format: %s\n", working_file);
            ret = -1;
       rc = PVFS_util_resolve(directory, &cur_fs,pvfs_path, PVFS_NAME_MAX);        if (rc)        {
            PVFS_perror("PVFS_util_resolve", rc);            ret = -1;

        memset(&resp_lookup, 0, sizeof(PVFS_sysresp_lookup));        rc = PVFS_sys_lookup(cur_fs, pvfs_path, &credentials,&resp_lookup, PVFS2_LOOKUP_LINK_NO_FOLLOW, NULL);        if (rc)
        {            PVFS_perror("PVFS_sys_lookup", rc);            ret = -1;
        /* Set attributes */        imemset(&attr, 0, sizeof(PVFS_sys_attr));
        attr.owner = credentials.uid;        attr.group = credentials.gid;        attr.perms = 0777;        attr.atime = time(NULL);        attr.mtime = attr.atime;
        attr.mask = PVFS_ATTR_SYS_ALL_SETABLE;        attr.dfile_count = 0;
        parent_ref = resp_lookup.ref;
        layout.algorithm = PVFS_SYS_LAYOUT_RANDOM;

       lrc = PVFS_sys_create(filename,                             parent_ref,                             attr,                             parent_ref,
                             attr,                             &credentials,                             NULL,                             &resp_create,                             &layout,
                             NULL);        if (rc)        {           fprintf(stderr, "Error: An error occurred while creating %s\n",working_file);            PVFS_perror("PVFS_sys_create", rc);
            ret = -1;         }
       /* Everthing fine till here! */
        PVFS_Request mem_req, file_req;        PVFS_sysresp_io resp_io;

/*********       buffer needs to be allocated, at least 100 bytes in your case, then you can send in the *********       pointer to the PVFS_sys_read call.
         char * buffer;

         size_t count = 100; 
        int64_t offset;        PVFS_hint hints = NULL;        file_req = PVFS_BYTE;        ret = PVFS_Request_contiguous(count, PVFS_BYTE, &mem_req);
        if (ret < 0)
        {           fprintf(stderr, "Error: PVFS_Request_contiguous failure\n");            return (ret);        }       ret = PVFS_sys_read(resp_create.ref, file_req, 0,buffer, mem_req, &credentials, &resp_io, hints); /* problem here!!! */
        if (ret == 0)        {           PVFS_Request_free(&mem_req);
        }       else {           PVFS_perror("PVFS_sys_read === ", ret);
            printf("ret = %d\n",ret);        }    PVFS_sys_finalize();


Can you understand where the problem is?Where is that NULL value that causes the problem?
Thanks, in advance



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